Good design is about clarity over style, and accountability over ego
John Maeda
March 2018 – Present
CA Technologies / Broadcom
Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI)
UX / UI / Prototyping / User Testing

DCI provides a proactive, predictable capacity management for optimising system resources for prioritised workloads on the Mainframe. It helps better manage and utilise mainframe capacity, thus helping drive down Monthly License Charges (MLC). I am the Principal Product Designer on the distributed development team.

April 2017 – February 2018
CA Technologies
Mainframe Operational Intelligence (MOI)
UX / UI / Prototyping

Every day there are more applications to manage, and more data sources. To prevent customer experience issues, development teams need to predict problems earlier, get to fixes faster, and collaborate more efficiently. MOI detects abnormal patterns of operation and triggers automated problem fixes. I was the Senior Product Designer based in Prague working with a distributed team in the US and India.

March 2016 – April 2017
CA Technologies
Application Performance Management (APM)
UX / UI / Prototyping / User Testing

I was a Product Designer on the international development team of CA’s APM product. As of early 2018, it was once more a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM solutions.

APM monitors how well your applications are running and thereby if your users’ experiences are positive. If your applications start to slow down (or fail altogether), APM shows you where to start looking for the causes. That might be faulty code, database issues, overloaded networks etc., but whatever the reasons, APM points you to what needs fixing.

december 2013 – february 2016
Branding / Marketing design / UX / UI

I was the Design Lead at UNIQUEDOC, a start-up that designed and built a secure communications application exclusively for the world’s registered medical professionals. It was available on all platforms as a WebApp and as iOS Apps on the iPad and iPhone. UNIQUEDOC enabled global collaboration through the sharing of research and industry networking.

1997 – present
Bucket of Tongues
Logos / Book covers / Ephemera / Miscellaneous

This is a collection of various bit of graphic design from my time working as a freelancer in the UK and Czechia. My clients included: Cambridge University Press, Centre for Financial & Management Studies (University of London), Cogent Environmental, Datanomic, Elsevier, Essential Italy, ip.access, London Transport, National Gallery, Penguin, Reckitt Benckiser, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Wiley-Blackwell.